Mission Statement

We are an organization of professionals meeting to expand their business through relationship building, providing introductions to other professionals, and the sharing of quality referrals.

cropped-SRP-LOGO-SMALL1.pngAt its core, SRP is a referral sharing organization. It is a group where business owners of different professions help each other by making introductions of other SRP members to individuals that are in need of their services. There are other organizations similar to ours but we feel that SRP is a little different and a lot better.

Strategic Referral PartnersThe reason why we feel this way stems from our Mission Statement. We come together each week to pass only the most QUALITY referrals. In turn, we do not have a referral passing requirement. We have found that having a requirement causes one to pass a type of referral that we consider a “lead”. Although leads are appreciated, they tend to involve a lot of spinning of wheels and don’t tend to end in business being transacted. As all members are business professionals, our time is very valuable and we want to make sure it is always used as wisely as possible. With SRP, we emphasize the quality rather than the quantity of referrals, which leads to more closed business with less effort. With a proven meeting structure and a solid membership core, SRP has shown to be a great resource of new business for its members.

SRP is also unique in regard to the structure of the membership. Unlike a Chamber of Commerce, we only allow one member per professional type. So, by getting involved in SRP, one may lock out their competitors from any referral that would be generated within the group.

The first Strategic Referral Partners was founded in July 2011

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